Top tips for choosing your wedding colour scheme


Your choice of colours really have the ability to say so much about your wedding day. Whether you have a chic, contemporary style in mind, or are veering towards bold, bright hues, deciding on which colour(s) to intertwine throughout your day can really leave a lasting impression on guests. If you’re not sure where to start, we have the solution. Here, we share our top tips for choosing your wedding colour scheme.

  1. Location, location, location

Our first top tip is not to get too hung up on colours until after you’ve booked your wedding venue. Often, venues such as converted barns or marquees offer a blank canvas, meaning that a wealth of colour combinations will work well. Alternatively, hotels, restaurants or manor houses may have their own colour schemes going on. While sometimes they’re neutral, this isn’t a guarantee so pay attention to what colours are already there and consider how you can complement them.

2. Get your priorities in check

If there’s something in particular that you have always envisioned having for your wedding day, think about whether its colour could influence your scheme. For example, if you are dead set on having say, pink roses on your tables, this can serve as the perfect guide in choosing colour combinations, rather than later down the line, trying to fit it in and finding that it clashes.

Image by Kris Dickson photography

Image by Kris Dickson photography

3. Look to the seasons

While you definitely don’t have to choose colours based on the time of year, if you are stuck for inspiration, this can serve as a good starting point, particularly if the season you are getting married holds significance for you. As a guide, the following colours are typically associated with each season:

  • Spring: This season definitely screams pastel hues. A sorbet array of lemon sherbet, luscious lilacs and blush pinks are popular. If this is all a bit too sweet, infuse with metallics for a more modern approach.

  • Summer: This summer, mauve proved particularly popular when it came to bridesmaid dresses. Other pops of colour came in the form of salmon, coral and blues.

  • Autumn: The autumn season is ultimately all about beautiful colours and here, nature serves as a guide. Earthy tones are key, while deep burgundy and purple shades are always a winning option.

  • Winter: Winter whites and lush greens are often at play, while metallic tones will add a richness.

When it comes to choosing dresses for yourself and your leading ladies, opt for colours which flatter everyone.


4. Consider the mood

Colours play a key role in setting the tone for your wedding and the style you wish to convey. For a relaxed, romantic day, blush pinks and cream are a great combination. Or, if you want a day which exudes drama, a darker colour palette will really be memorable.

5. Let the colour wheel guide you

If choosing colours is particularly important to you, and you really wish to give it some thought, consult the colour wheel for combinations, which work in harmony. As a general rule, those which are opposites - one cool and one warm - work well together. Likewise, similar tones, which share a primary colour are good options, such as sunshine yellow and melon orange or fuchsia and blush. Likewise, try pairing a bright colour with a neutral shade.

Florals by Tortraits Floral design. Image by Kris Dickson Photography

Florals by Tortraits Floral design. Image by Kris Dickson Photography

6. Go with what feels right

As we’ve mentioned, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to wedding colours. For many couples, it’s as simple as going with their heart. Our advice is always to choose a colour scheme which complements your personalities. That way, when guests see your choice, they’ll instantly recognise it as being you. If you’re stuck for inspiration, look to your own home and the colours you have incorporated through your decor choices. When browsing Pinterest and flicking through wedding magazines, which colours generally catch your eye?

If you need help choosing your wedding colour scheme or how to incorporate it into your wedding day, help is at hand. Get in touch here.