10 styling tips to add personality to your wedding day


If you’re in the process of planning your wedding, like many couples, you’re probably keen to add your personality to it. Doing this gives your day oodles of charm and distinguishes it from the rest, making your wedding day distinctly unique to you! Therefore, with this in mind, this blog post is dedicated to sharing 10 styling tips to help you add tons of personality to your wedding day.

1. Choose a theme you both love

Giving your wedding day a ‘theme’ is the perfect way to inject your personality into it. Whether you go all out with a Star Wars theme, or nod to your penchant for a bygone era with a rustic, vintage theme, decide on something you share a passion for and watch your wedding day vision come to life.


2. Get on board with backdrops and draping

Whether you want to make a statement at the top table or add a focal point to your ceremony, drapings and backdrops are a great way to achieve this. With endless options available, it’s easy to add your personality to your wedding. Fairy lit backdrops are ideal for adding a touch of romance, while drama can be found in ceiling and circular drapes.

3. Say it with favours

Long gone are the days of sugared almond wedding favours, as couples choose to get creative with their choice of wedding favours. Wedding favours are a fab way to leave guests with a lasting impression of your wedding day, so give them something they’ll remember. From personalised playlists, so monogrammed miniature drinks, consider your wedding day theme and how you can convey it through your choice of wedding favours.


4. Add a focal point with centerpieces

Guests spend the majority of a wedding reception seated around tables, so use the opportunity to bring your wedding theme to life. Whether glamorous, rustic, elegant, classic or romantic, choose a centrepiece which conveys your wedding day style.

5. Create a photo booth corner

Unsurprisingly, your goal will be to ensure that both you and guests have a night to remember. One trend which is on the rise is the photo booth, but not as you probably think. Long gone are the days of boxy, cramped booths. Nowadays, it’s all about chic, open style booths. A great way to add a unique spin is to create bespoke props which convey your personality. Whether it’s a bespoke Instagram frame with your wedding hashtag and date, or props which showcase your favourite movies, get creative and embrace your chosen theme.


6. Make sure guests are sitting pretty

A well dressed reception room just screams elegance so make sure guests are sitting pretty by choosing chairs or covers which really up the ante. When sourcing these, consider the style of the room and the theme you have in mind, for the perfect finish.

7. Comfort is key

Making sure that guests are comfortable is definitely the way to their hearts. We love the idea of creating a cosy corner for guests to relax and wind down. Add plenty of cushions and candles to create a luxurious space to relax and socialise in whilst setting the mood for the party to follow. This area will also serve as a retreat for older guests who may not want to be at the heart of the action, while allowing them to still feel that they are a part of proceedings.


8. Say it with lighting 

There’s no doubt about it – lighting possesses the power to add a touch of romance to a wedding, so make sure yours is on point. From stunning LED up-lighters to festoon lighting and the ever popular fairy lights, setting the mood for your wedding is easy.

9. Stationery

Your wedding stationery is the first glimpse that guests will get into your wedding day so make sure it screams of your personality. Whether you have a theme or colour scheme in mind, incorporate this into your wedding invite to spark intrigue. Continue this theme across your seating chart, place names and table numbers. Nod to your personality by adding memories or places you’ve visited together for a touch of romance.


10. It’s all in the details

The way to really bring a wedding day to life is with those little added extras, which will effortlessly convey your hobbies and passions. From statement displays to confetti send offs, you are limited only by your imagination!

Whatever vision you have in mind for your wedding day, call on the experts to help bring it to life. For more information on decorations and props for your wedding day, get in touch here.

Spring wedding trends to fall in love with


A brand new season has arrived and we’re definitely ready to have a fling with spring. The season is all about an abundance of colour and flowers, so if you’ve chosen this time for your wedding day, you’re in luck. Here, we round up the spring wedding trends you are guaranteed to fall in love with this season.


Opt for beautiful blooms

There’s no denying that spring is all about a reawakening of nature and a celebration of beautiful blooms so it’s the perfect excuse to really up the ante when it comes to flowers. Here at The Wedding Room, we predict that blooms will be BIG this season. Couples are still taking #inspo from Kimye’s unforgettable floral wall, with everything from arches, to extravagant table centrepieces getting the floral treatment. When it comes to bringing blooms into your big day, the options really are endless and you can go faux or real depending on what look you want to achieve.


Get creative with draping

Draping really has the ability to bring a room to life. Given that draping can magnificently transform an area, it won’t come as a surprise that the trend is set to be big this season. Draping can create a focal point in a room, such as a spectacular archway for the ceremony. Its use is also popular in marquees, with elegant draping from the ceiling transforming that white canvas into a stunning wedding reception setting, while windows, doorways and the top table are also given delicate draping treatment.


Go luxe with lighting

The thing about lighting is that it really is key when it comes to setting what mood you want to convey. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that couples are choosing to light up their wedding day in some of the most unexpected ways. Lighting can be truly romantic, which is why it effortlessly fits in with a wedding day and here at The Wedding Room, we’ve long been preaching its importance. This season, we’ve noticed that couples are going luxe with lighting in a variety of ways. From stunning LED up-lighters, festoon lighting and the ever popular fairy lights, lighting can spotlight or enhance the unique touches of your wedding.


Say goodbye with a sparkler send off

More and more couples are looking to add a creative twist to their big day, to ensure that guests leave with a lasting impression. From firework finales to sparkler send offs and colourful confetti (all of which make for amazing photos by the way), the sky’s the limit when it comes to adding your unique personal twist to your wedding day.


Embrace the great outdoors

With spring undoubtedly highlighting nature's beauty, what better way to pay homage to it than by bringing the great outdoors inside A top contender for one of Pinterest’s most popular trends, greenery can be used to effortlessly finish a room. Our favourite way to introduce the trend is with subtle foliage, paired with white tablecloths, for a chic and always stylish look.


Rose gold hues

Rose gold was one of the hottest hues for 2018, so we aren’t surprised to see its return this season. Brides have fallen in love with this romantic metal with everything from bridesmaid dresses to table settings getting the colour treatment. Rose gold definitely adds a touch of luxe to a wedding, striking the perfect balance between glamorous and feminine.

If you are planning a wedding or event and need help with either the planning aspect or decoration (or both), get in touch today here.